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e-Reader Central was established in early 2009 in order to cover the vast ongoing market of e-Readers. Our goal is to supply thorough, quality information about ebook readers, tablets, other products, and related items so that our visitors will get all the information they need in one site to make an informed decision and not need to travel around the web looking for answers.

We gather our information from various sources, such as merchant information, customer reviews, and of course, our own experience with the products.

If you feel we need to add additional elements to our site, please don’t hesitate to contact us and tell us what you think.

We wish you the best of luck in finding your most suitable eReading equipment.

e-Reader reviews

Welcome to eReader Central’s review section.

Since we take a lot of time in compiling each of our reviews it may take us time to cover all eBook readers available.

Therefore, we started out by focusing on the major players in today’s ebook readers market.

Each review was carefully written by one of our staff members after researching the products thoroughly, reading additional customer reviews throughout the web, and in most cases actually using the product.

You can easily navigate between different eBook reader reviews by using our “Available reviews” navbar. Enjoy!

What is e-Reader Central?

eReader Central is a “one stop shop” for online consumers looking for an eBook reader. At eReader Central, you will get all the information you need in order to find the best eBook reader for you. Start out with eBook reader basics and you will begin to understand exactly what an eBook reader is, how it is different from a normal computer, and what you need to look for when considering purchasing one. Then, move on to our detailed reviews that are compiled from our own eReader Central team, various experts, and customer reviews.

Why should I trust your reviews over other expert reviews ?

eReader Central conducts the market research for you. Not only do we review the product on our own, we then go and compare our review with experts online such as Cnet, Gizmodoo, PC Pro, and many more. But we don’t stop there. We also compile many customer reviews and check out what people who bought the product actually think about it. So, when you read are reviews, you get the bottom line from three different angles — our own, online experts, and actual customers.

Why is this free? How do you profit from keeping this website?

eReader Central is dedicated to giving the best possible reviews available about eBook readers on the Internet today. We receive money from reliable retailers that advertise on our site. However, we do not receive payment for ranking a certain product higher than the other or giving it a better review since that would alter our objectiveness.

If you receive money from advertisers, how can I be sure you’re objective?

eReader Central’s main traffic comes from users that are looking for objective, unbiased reviews. We have made our reviewing process transparent to our audience by citing our resources at the end of each review so you can check them out for yourself. Once we cease to be objective, we will no longer have such loyal visitors. We are aware of that and therefore, do everything in our power to stay objective.

How updated are your reviews?

eReader Central’s reviews are updated each time a new player comes into the market. Therefore, there is no constant time table for updating our reports. Instead, we keep an eye open to what’s going on in the market and adapt our website content accordingly. You can rest assured that eReader Central’s reviews are the most updated on the market to date.

Why are product prices estimates and not exact amounts?

Since there are numerous vendors across the Internet that sell eBook readers, their prices are different and we cannot give an exact amount of how much the product costs. It will depend on where you actually purchase the device. Nevertheless, we give an estimate by comparing the product’s price at the company’s website and other online stores (such as Amazon, eBay, etc.).

How do you decide how to rank the different eBook readers?

After compiling our own review by checking out the product and going over various expert and customer reviews, we get a clear picture about where each eBook reader is ranked on the market. We then translate this information into our own five-star ranking and give you the bottom line. This bottom line gives you the pros and cons and what a particular eBook reader is suited for.

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