7 Things to consider when choosing an eReader - Buying Guide

7 Things to consider when choosing an eReader – Buying Guide

7 Things to consider when choosing an eReader, a Buying Guide. The electronic reader community is getting larger by the minute. More and more people are starting to understand the power of eBooks and especially eReaders.

The problem is that when most of us come to buy an eReader we are unfamiliar with the things that need to be checked. This is a new gadget which we did not know of before and therefore don’t know what we need to look for.

Because of this, I decided to write this short beginner’s guide to review an eReader.

7 Things to consider when choosing an eReader

how to choose an ereader

Here are the 7 most important things you need to know before making a decision:

  • Look out for display size and readability. Make sure there are no glare issues. The standard display size today is 6” with some readers having a 9” display as well.
  • Compatible file types are an extremely important issue. Find out which eBooks can be read on your device. Are PDFs available, are Microsoft Word documents available, and so on. Most manufacturers will list the types of files available or you can check our eBook reader comparison section to see for yourself.
  • How many page turns can the battery sustain. In eReader terms a battery is measured by page turns since this is the main source for depleting the battery.
  • How many books are available for your eBook reader. This is in conjunction with supported file formats. The Amazon Kindle store for example holds around 270,000 books. The Sony store holds around 100,000 books and you can get more free books off Google as well (legally that is).
  • Since this is a new technology, it is bound to go wrong sometimes. Therefore check that you have at least one year of warranty on your machine.
  • Pick the right eReader size and weight to suit your needs. Most eBook readers weigh around 10 ounces and can fit a jacket pocket. If you travel a lot like I do this is extremely important.
  • Check out customer reviews. Go right where others went wrong. There are a lot of reviews available online about eBook readers. Make sure that you know the Pros and Cons of each device to avoid being surprised. You can check out eReader Central’s eBook reader reviews here.

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That’s it. If you went over these 7 aspects you’re 95% covered. I wish you the best of luck in finding your perfect eReading device.