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Top 5 Best Kindle Reading Lights: The way to light up your Kindle

Top 5 Best Kindle Reading Lights: The way to light up your Kindle. So, you finally got yourself your first Kindle reader. But hold on a moment, you still have one missing piece in the puzzle.

Just like bread and butter, Batman and Robin, and Romeo and Juliet, your device needs a love affair to make your reading experience all that romantic.

And the Kindle light is what completes the whole love story. It is one of the most important accessories you’ll ever need to have a grab of to complement your device.

There are a lot of lights sprouting in the market today to choose from. But to make things simpler for you, we narrow them down to these five main types.

What is Kindle Light

This tool is an e-book reading light that illuminates the entire reading area. It comes with a powerful LED that emits bright light best for use at night time or while traveling.

This often lightweight add-on tool commonly features a clasp that clenches around the edge of the device delivering an even light into its entire screen.

Kindle light also has fully adjustable arms to position and hold the light in place to create several angles producing specific illumination directly into the device. Also, it comes with rechargeable batteries that last up to at least 24 hours.

Lastly, it also features innovative designs just perfect to match your device. So overall, this tool absolutely complements e-book reader making e-book reading much more interesting.

Best Kindle Lights

best kindle reading light

5. Paper Back Book Light


An impressively cheap and portable type of lighting device, Paper Back Book offers wide coverage of lighting. Covering a size of 6.2” x 6.9”, this type of accessory – as its name suggests – is specifically very ideal for paperback books; and, very much less ideal for a ereader.

Because the design and functionality of this type of light were pretty much aimed at adhering to the dimensions of a full-fledged paperback book, its size and overall make-up isn’t that friendly to a reader at all. You’ll probably spend more time trying to fit the lighting accessory to your device than reading your favorite book on it.

4. Kindle Pocket Light

(5/10) “Can’t See The Screen!”

Kindle Pocket Light
Just like the Beam eReader light, the Kindle Pocket Light is a clip-on type of light with a flexible gooseneck feature that allows you to have control over the focus of the light. But there is one major drawback with this accessory: IT’S TOO BIG! This lighting device can hide the screen of your e-reader with its huge base, thanks to its battery compartment.

This would be good for true paper books, but for a digital reader, it’s definitely a no-go. When shopping for this kind of accessory, one of the most important factors you should pay serious attention is size, and the Kindle Pocket surely has a failing grade in that department.

3. Kindle Case

(7/10) “Classy, But Bulky”

If you’re the type of person who likes two-in-one solutions, then the Kindle Case with Light might be the perfect fit for you. As hinted by its name, this type of light is a combination of a case with an integrated light inside.

The genuine leather case makes your device look so classy apart from protecting its surface’s finish from dents, blemishes, and accidental falls. The only downside with this type of light though is that it adds a little more weight and width to your ereader which can prove to be a burden at times. All in all, it is definitely a commendable kindle light.

2. Beam Ereader Light

(8/10) “Awesome For Traveling!”
Beam Ereader Light
Now this type of light and your Kindle reader is a match made in heaven. With the Beam Ereader Light you’ll have a type of accessory that is specifically designed for a Kindle.

The Ereader packs a very sleek design highlighted by a petite clasp that easily and conveniently hooks the lighting device anywhere around the Kindle’s edges. It also has a flexible neck that lets you angle the light to your preference.

Coupled with its very small size and an easy-to-find AAA battery requirement (you’ll find them easily on any of your trips!). This offers pretty much all you’d want to have from a lighting accessory.

1. Mini Flex Ereader Light

(9.5/10) “Perfect For Home!”
Mini Flex Kindle light
The Mini Flex Ereader Light is most likely what an improved Beam eReader light will look like. The Flex is smaller and lighter than the Beam due to its specialized CR2032 batteries as compared to the heavier AAA battery that operates the Beam.

Also, unlike the Kindle Pocket ligt, Mini Flex doesn’t cover the screen because it has the dimensions specifically designed for use in any electronic readers, be it be Nook, Kobo, and of course Kindle. Mini Flex is a complete package of portability, functionality, and sleek design. Did I say I was saving the best for last?

History of Kindle lights

When Kindle e-book reader was first introduced by Amazon into the market, it widely gained agreeable reviews and great patronage among users having successfully change literature radically. This tool draws a lot more consumers since then as it flaunts idealistic features that allow one to store hundreds of e-books, bookmarking, subscriptions to news publications, surfing the internet via built-in browsers, and the list goes on.

Immediately right after its wide acceptance into the market, tools to complement Kindle have popped up, those are covers that come with sleek designs, sleeves, screen protectors, earphones, and eventually, kindle light.

But how do exactly e-book readers differ from other devices that feature e-book reading when in fact, they come with other functionalities that offer more usability and significantly, capable to serve different purposes well all in one device?

Well, if you are an e-book reading enthusiast, you should have certainly known the great difference between them.

E-book readers offer a very wide advantage as it revolutionizes the advanced way these books are presented digitally.

As you would notice, unlike any regular devices with built-in e-book readers, Kindle does not reflect back your image while glaring through the screen but definitely displays what you are really reading into. With e-ink technology, such annoying reflections under the vivid sunlight are winnowed out.

Though this technology implies well-defined readability features even in direct sunlight, it turned out that its daylight advantage is not as ideal as it should be in dim light. Hence, reading lights are eventually brought out to the public.