what is e-ink

What is e-INK and why is it better for reading e-books?

Have you ever wondered what is e-Ink, and why a lot of people are still using those electronic readers? Why would someone use a single-dimensional device which offers basically just one capability – that is, to read digital books.

When in fact, he could have saved his money to buy a robust all-around device like Apple’s IPad or even iPhone, which offers a wide array of functionalities other than e-book reading.

Then you happened to stroll in a park one sunny morning, sat on a bench, and then noticed that beside you is a person reading a digital book on his digital reader. Driven by your competitive nature, you decided to summon your Ipad device to start a reading session of your own. But, one problem held you back.

You struggled to read on your device’s display screen due to the direct hit of the intense sunlight. You leaned towards your seatmate to check out his reader’s display and to your surprise; it was still solidly clear and crisp. And then all you could afford to say was, “Nice reader you have there huh! “

Now, that generally explains why electronic readers are still pretty much alive and patronized.

Although these reading devices are typically for digital reading purposes only, they surely have a ground in claiming they’re the best at what they do. And the main reason behind their success in the overall reading experience is, the E-ink.

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What is e-INK

E-ink is basically a printing technology that revolutionizes the way digital prints work. It is deemed to be the replacement of paper someday. This specialized ink is composed of microcapsules – which is some technical term for tiny balls – that react to positive and negative charges in order to display white or black on the digital screen.

This technology was discovered in 1997 and has been used for different purposes and on different mediums along the way; from mobile phones, e-book readers, and billboards to magazines and other ad signage.

The main advantage of the Eink display technology over other digital displays out there is that it consumes a significantly lesser amount of power to operate.

Eink-powered displays can last up to three weeks without recharging compared to the one-and-a-half-day limit in LCD-oriented devices.

E-ink will only need power if a change of display is needed, thus, if you plan to read on the same page of texts for a month, you can do it without needing any power charge!

Because of the E-ink’s tiny appetite for power consumption, Eink-powered devices have the luxury of being lighter than the LCD-based ones. E-ink displays are 27% lighter than the counterpart LCD devices of the same size.

Another thing that makes this technology special is its readability. Because E-ink displays don’t use and produce their own backlight like LCD and LED screens, they give a natural feel and appearance of ordinary paper which is also the reason that their displays are still vividly real despite being subjected to direct sunlight.

All in all, the power of Eink is what’s keeping these digital readers in step with other media of digital reading which are most notably tablet devices, smartphones, and personal computers. If you are an avid e-book lover who reads anytime and anywhere, then Eink-powered reading devices will certainly be your best friend.

Why Is E-ink Better For Reading E-books?

A: The E-ink screen technology was designed just for reading. It creates sharper text that is clearer than traditional backlit LCD screens. It helps cut down dramatically on eye fatigue since the screen is always the same brightness as the surroundings.

This is true even outside in bright sunlight. There is also a huge reduction of glare on the screen outside in sunlight, very close to the point of no glare.

Eink looks very similar to actual printed pages from a book. Since the eInk screen has no light the battery life between charging is much longer on these types of devices.

Unlike traditional backlit screens, there is no contrast reduction at any angle. Making for a much better reading experience, since you do not have to angle the book reader at a certain angle to be able to see the print clearly.

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