where to download free ebooks

Where to download free ebooks to Kindle?

Where to download free ebooks to Kindle. Kindle users would really not worry about book shortage as digitization comes with limitless downloads of e-books from the internet.

You do not necessarily have to go store to store just to find what you are looking for as the web references to an incalculable amount of ebook sources available for you that it would certainly take more than your lifetime to count all of these.

With 360,000 ebooks downloadable at Amazon.com alone, you are assured that you would certainly find the book you’ve wanted. This number certainly does not count all other web portals that feature Kindle download of ebooks and other reading materials for your electronic readers.

Where to download free ebooks

You can download e-books for free or for a fee. While most ebooks are certainly not for free, you can actually download ebooks from the following sites at no charge at all. All you need to do is search and download!

1. Amazon

There is no better place for e-book downloads for your Kindle reader than Amazon.com. Its Kindle bookstore offers very convenient ways to explore and find e-books. You can search for ebooks on its search field and the results can be sorted according to prices.

What is really interesting about downloading them at the Amazon store is that e-books are delivered to your reader in 60 seconds — the most awesome thing about grabbing a book from a huge library in just a minute!

2. Google Books

A great number of reading materials are included in the collection of e-books at books.google.com. You should note though that most of these are in an ePub format which means that you need to convert them to .mobi format so you can import these into your Kindle desktop for reading.

You can use Stanza program, an Amazon application that allows conversion from this file type into a readable format for your device.

3. Project Gutenberg

For your information, Project Gutenberg is an organization that first conceived of ebook reader way back in 1971, and the first e-book reader was Dynabook. As of now, www.gutenberg.org holds more than 36,000 free ebooks, and these reading materials can be acquired in ePub, HTML, and other formats just perfect for your ebook readers.

4. Feedbooks

So if you are looking for a wider e-book library then www.feedbooks.com probably is the right place. With over 3,000,000 books in their collection, you are given with a greater chance to find the exact book you’re seeking for. While they offer a good number of ebooks for free, most of their readings can be bought at reasonable prices.

Where to download free books – Conclusion

Given the abovementioned sites for e-book downloads, you would realize that indeed, the world of ebooks is just right at your fingertips!