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Kindle vs iPad: Pros and Cons [2020]

Kindle vs iPad for reading

The mistake that most consumers make before buying an ebook reader is that they don’t make any comparison between ebook readers and tablets. When comparing the Kindle vs iPad the first thing to know, is that the Kindle is designed as a natural ebook-reader while the iPad acts more like a tablet. However, both devices will offer you a similar reading experience.

Let’s find out what are the differences between the Amazon Kindle vs Apple iPad.

Kindle vs. iPad: Which one is better?

Before making a statement “which one is better” you must know what is the main reason you’re going to use it. If you’re an avid reader and you’re going to spend hours reading books, then the Kindle Paperwhite is the better choice. Easier to hold in hand and with a better battery life gives the Kindle device a huge advantage over the iPad.

But if you’re looking to read newspapers, watch tv shows, play games, listen to songs, and almost anything else you can make on a multimedia device, then the Apple iPad is the choice to make.

In a few words, the Kindle is more portable and less expensive than the iPad while the iPad packs more features and is more versatile.

What is the Best Kindle to buy?

amazon kindle

If you want to buy the Best Kindle device, you either choose the Kindle Paperwhite which offers excellent value for the money, or you go with the more premium choice, the Oasis, which packs more features but is a little more expensive. Whatever your choice is you’re going to adore it.

What is the Best iPad to buy?

Apple devices cost a pretty penny and it’s not necessarily true that “the more expensive it is the better”. You can get similar features with older devices so you don’t have to go with the latest ones to receive the best out of it. The simple Apple iPad tablet can do the job for you.

Kindle vs iPad: Comparison Table



Screen & Display

6-inch, 300 PPI screen resolution

10.2 Inches, 264 PPI screen resolution

Storage Space

8 GB / 32 GB

32GB / 128 GB

Battery Life

2 weeks

10-14 hours


6.7H 4.6W 0.36D

11.49 x 10.09 x 2.09 inches


7.2 oz

17.12 oz


Cellular+Wi-Fi+ Bluetooth

Cellular+Wi-Fi+ Bluetooth


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Kindle versus iPad: Which one looks better?

Let’s compare the 2020 models Kindle Paperwhite and Apple iPad.

The Kindle Paperwhite comes with a 6-inch display and a 1072 x 1448px 300 PPI screen resolution. On the other hand, the iPad has an astonishing 10.2-inch screen size with a 1620 x 2160px
264 PPI display.

The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite weighs 213 grams. This is a lot less than Apple’s iPad heavy 495 grams. Being a lot less easy the Paperwhite will be more comfortable to carry and has the huge advantage that is easier to hold in hand while reading.

The iPad has a 250 mm width while the Paperwhite has 116 mm in width. Being less wider the Paperwhite gives better maneuverability.

Here in the Kindle vs iPad comparison, the Kindle stands better.

Kindle vs iPad for reading

Both devices have a touchscreen which makes it easy to navigate.

The Kindle Paperwhite screen has an anti-reflection coating and a self-lit. With these two features, you can use your device about anywhere. You won’t have any problem reading in direct sunlight, in very poor light conditions, or in the dark. Also, being waterproof, makes the Paperwhite the first choice when reading outdoors.

However, if you want to read books to your kids, or rich image illustrated books go with the iPad. The screen is great at displaying perfect colored images making the reading more entertaining.

Reasons why to choose Kindle over the iPad for reading purposes

  • Firstly, if you have long reading sessions.
  • Secondly, if you don’t want to get eye strains.
  • If you love reading novels. Get the best feeling like reading on real paper.
  • Read outside.
  • You are dedicated to the Kindle store.

Reasons why to choose the iPad over the Kindle

  • Firstly, if you want a multi-purpose device.
  • Secondly, if you want to read rich image books like comic books.
  • Read to your kinds.
  • Take notes when you’re studying.
  • Access more ebookstores at once.
  • Have other Apple devices. Sync between them.
  • You’re going to use apps.

Wi-fi and Connectivity

Both devices support Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and offers a search browser and a cellular module. However, the iPad gives you the opportunity to use your device as a hotspot while the Kindle does not.

Which one has better Battery Life the Kindle or the iPad?

Both devices have a battery level indicator. The Apple iPad supports fast charging while the Paperwhite does not. Also, the Kindle battery is going to last weeks on a single charge while the battery life on the iPad is about one day.

Which one has better Books & Library Ecosystem

The first thing to know is that you’ll have problems moving books from one platform to another.

Reading ebooks from the Kindle store on the iPad is easy with the help of some apps.

On the other hand, you can’t read books from the iBook store on the Kindle device unless you convert the ebooks which is time-consuming.

Both devices offer great ecosystems with amazing book title selection. Having easy access to the Amazon book ecosystem with over 6 million book titles is the main reason the buyers purchase the Kindle. On the other hand, the Apple iPad has access to the Apple iBook store.

What Built-In Features the Kindle and the iPad have

The iPad has a gyroscope, GPS, stereo speakers, and two cameras. One on the front face, and one on the back. On the other hand, the Paperwhite has a dictionary, access to the real library to “borrow” e-books, and is waterproof.

Kindle vs. iPad: Cost

If the price plays a major role and you’re on a budget then Kindle is the choice to make. The 2020 all-new Kindle Paperwhite model ranges between 90-150 $ while the more premium device the Oasis ranges between 200-300 $. On the other hand, the price for the Apple iPad models ranges anywhere between 200-1000 $ depending on which model you want to go with.

Kindle vs iPad: Final Verdict

In conclusion, when comparing the Kindle vs iPad the buyer must know which is the main reason he wants to buy it in the first place. If you’re going to use it as a multi-purpose device then iPad is the right choice. But if you’re on a budget and the main reason behind looking to purchase an ebook reader or tablet is reading books then the Kindle is the right choice. Whatever your choice will be, the Kindle and the iPad device will bring a smile to your face.