comparing nook vs kindle e-readers

The Nook vs Kindle: Pro, Cons, and Verdict [2020]

In 2020, there are lots of e-readers and tablets on the market you can choose from, however, not all of them will offer you the best reading experience. So, if you know yourself as an avid reader and take the reading seriously, then the Nook vs Kindle is the heavyweight fight you want to look at.

With more and more people switching from real books to reading e-books, there is a huge increase in the number of e-readers and tablets sold each year.

Book giants like Amazon and Barnes and Noble understood this growing trend and adapt and innovate their devices faster than ever.

Also, when it comes to offering premium devices with rich e-book title selections, Barnes and Noble’s Nook and Amazon’s Kindle are impossible to beat.

With their direct competitors like the Kobo, Apple, or Sony well left behind, which B&N or Amazon machine takes the prize as the best ebook reading device?

Let’s compare the Nook Glowlight vs Kindle Paperwhite and see which one is better than the other and why.

Nook vs Kindle: Comparing e-readers

Nook Glowlight 3

Kindle Paperwhite

Screen & Display

6-inch, 300 PPI

6-inch, 300 PPI

Storage Space

4 GB / 8 GB

8 GB / 32 GB

Battery Life

up to 50 days

3 weeks


6.9H 5W 0.34D

6.7H 4.6W 0.36D


6.9 oz

7.2 oz



Yes; IPX8





Nook Glowlight Key Specs

  • High pixel density screen.
  • No eye strains thanks to the warm and adjustable light.
  • No light bleeding from the top.
  • The screen offers a great reading experience.
  • The battery life is huge.
  • Easy and comfortably to hold in hands while reading for hours.

Kindle Paperwhite Key specs

  • Thanks to its size and shape the user gets a perfect grip of the device with just only one hand.
  • The backlight is great. No problem to read outside in direct sunlight or in the darnkess.
  • Battery life is competitive with weeks on a single charge.
  • Affordable price.
  • Access to the huge Amazon’s library with over six million book titles.

Nook Glowlight Features

While there are many Nook models you can choose from, the Nook Glowlight was created solely for ebooks and reading purposes.

While many will say that a device the more options it has, the better, it is not necessarily true if you’re only interest is in reading books and have a great reading experience. More features may be confusing and make reading more complicated.

So choosing a dedicated device for ebook reading and keeping it simple is always the best. A dedicated Nook ebook reader will always display clean, sharp, and crisp texts.

While B&N offers a rich ecosystem of book titles through their bookstore they also offer a highly interestingly feature called LendMe.

The LendMe feature allows Nook owners to borrow books for two weeks. This is just one more reason from many, why B&N never failed to match and exceed the expectations of their loyal consumers.

The Nook comes also with a removable battery and a memory card slot in addition to their existing memory.

Another great featured that the Nook stands out for is the types of ebook files a user can access.

Offering the option to read .epub files (which is for open-source books) the users can now read ebooks from another source without any problems like it was bought from Barnes and Noble.

With such great features offered on the devices, Barnes Noble surpassed its direct competitors like Amazon, Kobo, or Rakuten. But will this be enough?

Kindle Paperwhite Features

When using a Kindle device you don’t just use a great piece of technology you also own a device that has access to more than 6 million book titles. No other bookseller, ecosystem, or library can compete with this number. Having access to such a giant library is one of the main reasons why Kindle is more preferred among ebook readers.

Amazon offers a wide range of Kindle models, each with its strengths and weaknesses. From all of them, The Kindle Paperwhite stands out from the crowd as the best ebook reader.
Being also designed with the sole purpose of reading in mind, the Kindle Paperwhite offers a great reading experience to its users.

Quick Updates and combative innovations brought by Amazon on their devices, forced the competitors to surpass themselves.

This is a great thing making the book readers market a lot more competitive. Having so many options to choose from, consumers can get better deals and value when trying to buy an ebook reader.

Also, in the near future, we would enjoy ourselves with another great feature brought to us by Amazon. This is the case for the text to speech feature which would only bring more innovation in the ebook readers industry. Also, another great feature offered by Amazon on their Kindle devices is the ability to listen to audiobooks.

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Nook vs Kindle: Which one is better?

Nook Glowlight is an ebook reader manufactured by the Giants from Barnes and Noble. While the first Nook device was released on November 30, 2009, the Glowlight is the latest ebook reader from Barnes and Noble.

The Kindle Paperwhite is Amazon’s achievement. The first model was launched on November 19, 2007, while the Paperwhite is the 2020 version offered by Amazon.

Being the first two companies in the world, who understood the importance and necessity of reading books anywhere, without having to carry them with you, made from them the pioneers of the e-reader industry.

So, which one of these two giants should take the crown as the best ebook reader? And, what are the Pros and Cons that set them apart from each other in our comparison review?

Nook versus Kindle: Which one looks better?

In terms of design, the Nook and the Kindle are pretty similar. When comparing the Nook Glowlight vs Kindle Paperwhite the biggest differences we found are the implementation of page-flipping buttons and the capacitative home button for the Nook located on the bottom part.

These two differences are the most important between them. That’s because it changes the way a user interacts with these ebook readers.

While the Nook has a physical button with which you can turn pages the Kindle uses PagePress and touchscreen navigation.

These being said there no other design differences. Both devices have 300 PPI screen resolutions and are using e-ing and e-paper technology respectively. Using either of these two devices the reading experience will be just as great.

So, in terms of design, it’s a draw.

Which one has a better EBOOK Library: The Nook or the Kindle?

Kindle uses Amazon’s ecosystem with over 6 million title selections while the Nook uses Barnes and Noble book ecosystem.

When looking for the best ebook reader possible the number of books you can choose from is one of the deciding factors. Here no book company nor reader stands a chance in front of Amazon’s Kindle. Offering the biggest book and title selections to its users Kindle is one of the most appreciated ebook readers in the entire world.

Even if Barnes and Noble have a great variety of physical books you can buy, they just can’t compete with what the Kindle has to offer.

So, keep in mind when buying an e-reader, not only the specs of the device are important but also the ecosystem that goes with it.

In terms of ebooks, and ecosystem Kindle Wins.

Publish your own books

Both, Barnes and Noble and Amazon offer a self-publishing platform. This allows non-mainstream writers to publish their own content.

What other Built-In Features can we find on the Nook and the Kindle?

One built-in feature that the Nook has and the Kindle doesn’t ( not even on the Oasis, is the ability to adjust the light and change the temperature of the screen. This is a great option when you want to reduce eye-strain. On the Nook device, you get a warm light while on the Kindle you get a white light that is hard on your eyes. This is a reason why many users chose the Barnes and Noble device over the Kindle.

As we said before, the LendMe option is another built-in feature that ebook readers love. Being able to borrow books for 14 days instead of buying them is a great move made by Barnes and Noble to its loyal consumers.

Kindle offers a text-to-speech option for its users and even if this is at the beginning it will be a big step ahead on adding more innovations to the book industry.

Even if the Nook added a lot of improvements to its ebook readers still the Kindle gets on top overall.

What is the price for a Nook or the Kindle?

As part of our Nook vs Kindle review, the cost plays an important role when buying an ebook reader. There are three Kindle models on the market ranging from 40 $ to 300 $, however, the price for 2020 All-New Paperwhite is between 90-150 $. Barnes and Noble also offer three Nook models( Glowlight, Color, Simple Touch with prices ranging between 50-200 $. The price for the B&N Glowlight device is around 90-150 $.

Being similar in price tag, there is no clear winner, so in terms of price tag is a draw.

Why to choose the Nook over the Kindle

Strong Points

  • Bigger screen. The newest version of the Nook, called the Nook Color features a larger screen than the Kindle. The Nook’s screen is 7 inches, compared to the Kindle’s smaller, 6-inch screen. Yes it is only a one-inch difference, but an inch makes a world of difference to some readers, so the Nook has the clear upper-hand in this department.
  • Color. This one-word feature is a big one. The Color device features a full-color screen, while the Kindle, as of the time of this writing, only offers grayscale coloring. The color on the screen puts the Nook a notch above the Kindle when it comes to viewing pictures and illustrated books. However, many hardcore readers don’t care much about the availability of color, so this feature may not be a huge selling feature to some readers.
  • Expandable memory. While you may never think that you could fill up the 8 GB of internal memory built into the Nook, many customers are very happy that the device allows you to expand the memory ceiling with the addition of an SD memory card slot. That means that you can load the Nook Color up with more data than you can on the current version of Kindle.

Reasons to choose the Kindle over the Nook

Strong Points

  • Superior wireless delivery. Amazon has been in the online game longer than just about any other company. As a result, they’ve been on the cutting edge of all kinds of technological advances. Perhaps none of their technology is as impressive as their Whispernet wireless service. This fast wireless data delivery network is available all over the world and helps Kindle customers instantly download their ebooks for instant reading.
  • Sleek, Attractive Design. While the first-generation Kindles weren’t all that impressive in terms of design, the newest generation of this electronic reader has introduced the world to a slimmer, sexier electronic reader. As you know, people want their electronic gadgets as thin and unobtrusive as possible. And Kindle certainly delivers with its attractive, slim profile.
  • Books Galore. Amazon has been working tirelessly to offer more books to Kindle customers than any other device is capable of delivering. In the process, they pretty much knocked the Sony e-reader out of the industry, for all practical purposes. Let’s face it, people want books – lots of different kinds of books – and the Kindle can deliver more titles than any other electronic reader – with ease.

Nook vs Kindle Final Verdict

When comparing the two, the first thing that comes to our minds is which one offers a better selection of titles. Owning an ebook reader you will want to get access to a wide variety of book titles and this can be achieved only with the Kindle. Also, the price is one major deciding factor but with the price tag being pretty similar we will leave this aspect behind.

The Kindle has faster updates which are great making the device more responsive and faster but on the other hand, your reader will get outdated and older.

The Battery Life is almost similar with a slight advantage on the Nook but nothing major. Both last weeks on a single charge.

Both devices offer a great reading experience.

This being said, no one can deny that the Nook is a fierce competitor to Kindle and really one of the best ebook readers on the market.